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Tarleton Knifemaking Workshop a Success!

The Tarleton State University Agriculture Mechanics department Texas Knifemaker’s Guild partnered June 21-23 to host a knifemaking workshop. Offered as a continuing education workshop for Texas agriculture and shop teachers, the experience was focused on each student building a complete knife during the workshop. They say “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” and this workshop was no exception. 24 Ag teachers, 8 TSU students and employees, and 10 knifemakers made a total of 42 knives over the 2 ½ day workshop. Each participant started with a bar of steel. Knife designs were chosen and then the knives were ground to shape on 11 professional-grade belt grinders provided [...]

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Troubleshooting Common Knifemaking Problems

Here are a few tips for dealing with some of the places where things commonly go wrong. Dealing With Warpage Sometimes the blade comes out of the quench crooked. It can be straightened hot, above roughly 500 degrees, immediately after the quench. Use welding gloves. Once it’s cool, it can be straightened during the temper cycles. Clamp the blade to a piece of steel that is flat. Use shims if necessary. Run through temper cycles as usual. Sometimes takes a bit of trial and error, but works almost every time. If you want a two-piece knife, go ahead and try and straighten one cold by [...]

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TKG Regional Shop Tour April 30, 2016

There will be a shop tour/ open house at Robert Swiesthal's house April 30, 25154 Gosling Road, Spring, TX 77389, 10:30 a.m. The agenda will be a shop tour as well as some demonstrations including whetstone sharpening, sheath making, and filework. Robert is also a taxidermist, so there may be some information in that regard as well. BBQ sandwiches and drinks will be provided. Bring a dessert or chips. Lone Star Knifemaker inspection will be available. There will also be a swap meet area, so bring knife stuff or supplies you don't need and see if you can trade them off for something else. Everyone's [...]

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Texas Knifemakers’ Guild Annual Meeting

The Texas Knifemakers' Guild will have its annual meeting on Sunday, April 10, 9:15 a.m. at Market Hall in Dallas, 2200 Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207. This meeting will be open to all TKG members, interested parties, and members of the public. The meeting will be in the east end of the north hall. This location and time has been approved by the Dallas Arms Collectors, our hosts for the Lone Star Knife Expo. The published agenda items are as follows:   Open meeting agenda 1. Welcome, intro of officers and board, brief purpose of the guild 2. Membership report- how many current members, and [...]

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Lone Star Knife Expo, April 9-10,2016

If you are a knifemaker and have not yet signed up for the Lone Star Knife Expo, we would love to have you. While the TKG does not have a financial interest in this show, as knifemakers and collectors, we all ought to be interested. This is the largest gathering of knifemakers in one place that Texas has to offer! There will be excellent knives in the room for purchase, and excellent knifemakers present for conversation and teaching. Blade Sports will have a major competition. There will be awards for best of show in several categories. There will be purveyors of knifemaking supplies as well. [...]

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Managing Your Member Profile

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