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Jared Foster Memorial Scholarship

Applications for the Jared Foster Memorial Scholarship will be accepted until March 01.

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2022 Knife In The Hat (Official rules)

2022 Knife In The Hat (KITH) (8th Annual) official info and rules: There will be 2 ways to do this year’s KITH Mail in or In Person How we will be doing the KITH this year We will make a list of all participates and whether they are making a General or Lone Star knife. Then we number each person’s knife in both groups. Once that is done, we put the numbers in a hat and let the first person draw. Whichever number the person draws will be next person to draw and so forth. Participation Rules: If you would like to participate in this [...]

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June 24-25, 2022 – TKG Annual Meeting and “Poor Old Borton” Hammer-In

This is hosted by Jim Poor and Bryan Borton at Flatland Forge. This two-day event is free for TKG members. If you are not a member you can sign up on this site or at the event. Membership dues are $40.

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2019 Knife In The Hat

2019 Knife In The Hat (KITH) official info and rules: 1. Participation Rules:   a. Only paid members of the TKG are allowed to participate. No minimum years experience required; however, there will be two pools of names to swap, one for Lone Star Knifemakers and one for General Members.   b. If you would like to participate in this year’s KITH please follow these directions:      i. Type “I’m in” as a comment to the official Facebook post      ii. Send an email to containing your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, and MAILING ADDRESS.      iii. The participant must make, finish, and box the [...]

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Baird Hammer-In 2019 Date Set

Mark your calendar for this year's hammer in at Chad Cunningham's ranch south of Baird, TX for September 21, 2019.  There will be demonstrations, vendors, and opportunities to have your knives judged for the Lone Star Membership ranking.

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Baird Hammer-in 2017

TKG hosted a hammer in at Chad Cunningham's ranch south of Baird on 10/28/17. There were about 70 people in attendance including both members and non-members. We had demonstrations by Dale White and Bryan Borton, by Bill Poor, by Chad Cunningham, and a few others. Vendors included Terry Dunn with stabilized wood, Texas Farrier Supply with general knifemaking supplies, Charles Turnage with mammoth ivory, Matt Marti with custom forging hammers, and another gentleman who made custom forges. Thanks to Jason Boone for the video.

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TKG Fiscal Year 2017 Board Meeting

The TKG 2017 FY board of directors meeting will be held Saturday, February 25 at Joe Allen's BBQ, 301 S. 11th St, Abilene, TX 79602 at 6 p.m. We'll eat, then meet. The board will elect officers, set the FY 2017 budget, discuss and set procedures, and plan for future events. Members are welcome to attend and observe.  The relevant decisions and conclusions from this meeting will be communicated via the TKG Facebook group, the TKG website, and will be shared at the annual membership meeting in April.

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TKG and Silver Spur Knife Show, Abilene, TX February 25-26

The Texas Knifemakers' Guild is partnering with Kim Sansom of Silver Spur Gun Shows to host a knife show in Abilene, February 25/26. The show is inside the Taylor County coliseum. We will have our own area with all the TKG makers together. Kim will advertise the show through her usual channels, and myself, Bryan, Charles, and Jason will spread the word through our local contacts. Tables are 8ft and $55 each. Kim has asked that you call the office at (806) 253-1322 or email at to reserve your tables. Just be sure and say "We are with the Knifemakers Guild" so they will [...]

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Lone Star Knifemaker Guidelines

Lonestar Knifemaker Judging Procedure Jason Fry, TKG President This document is intended to assist members in presenting and judging knives presented by persons applying for Lonestar Knifemaker status.  Our initial goal is to set a moderate bar, not an exceptionally high one.  Many knives with some errors will receive a passing judgment.  We want to screen out knives with many or serious errors that detract from the overall quality. The Membership Procedure gives the following instructions. Lone Star Knifemakers will submit three knives for inspection.  Knives must be hand made, meaning at a minimum that the maker personally ground and polished the blade and installed [...]

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2016 “Knife in the Hat”

A tradition among knife makers is the knife swap known as a "Knife in the Hat." Each maker who wishes to participate makes a knife. When all of the knives are finished, names are drawn, and your knife goes to someone else. In turn, you receive a knife from another maker. A KITH is a great way for makers to own other makers' works without having to shell out the cash. Another benefit, and perhaps the most relevant to the TKG, is that with our exchange there is an expectation of feedback. You see, it's rude to point out the flaws in another man's knife [...]

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