Lonestar Knifemaker Judging Procedure and Score Sheet

This information is intended to assist members in presenting and judging knives presented by persons applying for LoneStar Knifemaker status. 

To be considered for inspection as a LoneStar Knifemaker, you must first become a General Member of the Texas Knifemakers’ Guild. Once a member, look at the Events section of our website and find a TKG sponsored event near you. These events are also often advertised on our Texas Knifemakers’ Guild Facebook group. Time is usually set aside at these events specifically for LoneStar Knifemaker judging. To be judged, you must submit three knives for inspection.  Knives must be hand made, meaning at a minimum that the maker personally ground and finished the blade and installed the handle.  LoneStar Knifemaker membership is available to Texas residents only.  Criteria for inspection are as follows:

  • The knives presented must have no major technical errors, such as significant gaps in fit, grossly uneven plunges, edges that are off center, or finished blades that are warped.
  • Blade finish should be uniform, may be either machine or hand finished, and must have minimal of 220 grit finish with all underlying coarser grit grind marks removed, both on the bevels and the spine.
  • As a minimum standard, each knife presented must shave hair.
  • Voting Members of the Knifemakers’ Guild and ABS Journeyman and Master bladesmiths will be admitted as Lone Star Knifemakers without submitting knives for inspection. Contact the TKG President upon joining the TKG to let him/her know of your status in these organizations.

Each person applying for Lone Star Knifemaker certification will present three knives for inspection to a group of three Board Members. This is best accomplished at a TKG event or a knife show or hammer-in.  Pictures of knives will not be judged. The three inspections need not occur at the same time and place.

Persons who apply for Lone Star Knifemaker but do not pass inspection will continue to be General Members.  The maker must wait at least 6 months prior to re-inspection.  LoneStar Knifemaker membership is available to Texas residents only.  Persons who wish to appeal a failing inspection may appeal to the Board of Directors.  The board or its designee will review the three knives, unmodified from previous inspections.  The decision of the board or designee will be final.

Knives should not pass if they are not hand made as defined above.  Knives should not pass if any one of them does not shave hair on at least part of the blade.

You must print and bring the Knife Inspection Form with you to the inspection.