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2 01, 2024

2024 Board of Directors’ Election Results

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The Texas Knifemakers' Guild is served by a Board of Directors composed of five directors per region in the State of Texas, with the regions being North, South, and West. The 2023 Board of Directors was composed of the following Directors: North: Jamie Herring (2023-2024), Jason Boone (2023-2024), Ronnie Packard (2022-2023), Gene DuBois (2022-2023), and Shane Stainton (2022-2023). South: Jason Wilder (2023-2024), Jack Thatcher (2023-2024), James Huse (2022-2023), Terry Dunn (2022-2023), and Brett Noake (2022-2023). West: Bryan Borton (2023-2024), Dan Girard (2023-2024), Jason Fry (2022-2023), Jim Poor (2022-2023), Dale White (2022-2023). Each director is elected for a two year rotating term with the election being [...]

4 01, 2023

Jared Foster Memorial Scholarship

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Applications for the Jared Foster Memorial Scholarship will be accepted until March 01.

2 11, 2016

A word about “handmade” knives and the TKG

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The following is from the most recent national Knifemakers Guild newsletter (November 2016). While the TKG is not formally affiliated with the national guild, we hold many of the same values and standards. Our goal in the TKG is to promote knifemaking, however you do it, but whatever your method, full disclosure is a must. "The Guild recognizes that the term "Handmade Knives" is difficult to define and subject to varying interpretations, but hold that, at a minimum, it requires that a maker personally grind, forge, or knap the blade, and honestly disclose how each component is produced. The real question is how much work [...]