Texas Knifemakers’ Guild Membership Procedures 

Membership Application

Application and payment will be completed via the TKG website.  The website includes membership levels, criteria for each level, and fees for each level.  Payment of dues via credit or debit will be completed vie the website.   Members will set up a membership profile as a part of the application process.

Acceptance of Members

Persons who complete the online membership application form, meet the membership criteria for the level of membership at which they apply, and pay the yearly dues will be granted membership for a full calendar year from  the date dues were paid.  Persons who apply incorrectly will have their dues refunded.

Membership Levels and Dues

General member – $40 per year
LoneStar Knifemaker – $40 per year
Texas Ranger Knifemaker – $40 per year
Associate Sponsor- $50 per year

Membership Criteria

Each level of membership falls under the following expectations.

As a member of the Texas Knifemakers’ Guild,

– I will strive toward higher levels of quality, fit, and finish in the knives I make or collect.

– I will deal with integrity as I buy and sell knives and knife related items

– I will try to learn and teach at every opportunity, and will be an advocate for knifemaking in the state of Texas.

Lone Star Knifemakers will submit three knives for inspection.  Previously certified knifemakers need not re-inspect (including ABS JS or MS as well as Voting Members of the national Knifemakers Guild).  Knives for inspection must be hand made, meaning at a minimum that the maker personally ground and polished the blade and installed the handle.  The judging criteria and inspection procedure are available on the TKG website for download.  Persons who apply for Lone Star Knifemaker but do not pass inspection will be accepted as General Members and the maker must wait at least 6 months prior to re-inspection.  Lone Star Knifemaker membership is available to Texas residents only.

The General Membership category is open to anyone including knife collectors, knifemakers from other states, beginning knife makers, and those makers whose primary interest is assembling kit knives.  All who do not wish to submit knives for inspection or who do not pass inspection may be members in this category.  Out of state members may vote on issues put forward for a general vote of the membership, but are not eligible to vote on board of director positions, as these positions are dependent on residency within a TKG region.

The Associate Sponsor category is open to knife dealers and suppliers of knifemaking supplies.  Members in this category are expected to conduct business with knifemakers in Texas, and may be called upon to support and participate in TKG events, or offer discounts to TKG members.  Lone Star Knifemaker members who are also dealers will not be expected to pay membership in both categories.  In-state/out of state voting rules apply to associate sponsors.

Removal of Membership

Evidence of lack of integrity in business practices will be grounds for withdrawal of membership status.  Examples include, but are not limited to, presenting assembled or “kit” knives as the maker’s own work, a pattern of significant delays in delivering knife or product orders, and taking payment for knives or product without delivering the product in a timely manner.  Membership withdrawal will be by majority vote of the board of directors.  The board may choose to speak with the applicant and/or seek more information prior to voting on membership.  If the board votes to withdraw membership, the grounds for must be specified in writing.  Any membership decision decided by majority vote of the board of directors is final.  Members whose membership is withdrawn by the board will be entitled to a pro-rated refund of their membership dues.