2022 Knife In The Hat (KITH) (8th Annual) official info and rules:

There will be 2 ways to do this year’s KITH

Mail in or In Person

How we will be doing the KITH this year

We will make a list of all participates and whether they are making a General or Lone Star knife.

Then we number each person’s knife in both groups. Once that is done, we put the numbers in a hat and let the first person draw. Whichever number the person draws will be next person to draw and so forth.

Participation Rules:

  1. If you would like to participate in this year’s KITH, please follow these directions.
  2. Only paid members of the TKG are allowed to participate. No minimum years of experience required.
  3. There will be two pools of names to swap, one for Lone Star Knifemakers and one for General Members.
  4. Make, finish, and box the knife before the TKG Fall Hammer-In Baird Sept.-Oct.
  5. The knives will be randomly drawn at the hammer-in and awards will be presented for the following categories: General Member, Lone Star Knifemaker, Lone Star Folder.
  6. Anyone who is participating in the Mail in KITH and not able to attend the Hammer-In must have their knife finished by Oct. 31, 2022. When your knife is finished you must email me  will be sent the name and address of the person who will be receiving their knife. This is a BLIND swap, meaning you will not know whose knife you will receive until the knives are completed.

Diagram, schematic

Description automatically generatedKnife-In-The-Hat Design Requirements:

1. There are two categories of KITH knives this year: Lone Star Makers and General/Other.

i. To be in the Lone Star Maker Category, you must be a Lonestar Knifemaker AND make a knife that utilizes a multi-piece handle that contains either a guard or a bolster. Bolsters/Guards must be metal of the makers choosing. Handle/scales is completely up to the maker’s choosing. This category also includes folding knives made by Lone Star Knifemakers.

ii. All other knives will be in the General/Other category. *Note that all knives that do not contain a bolster/guard will be in the General/Other category regardless of the maker’s membership level. Also note that all non-Lone Star Knifemakers will be in the General/Other category regardless of knife construction.

2. The knifemaker is free to choose the construction type: full tang, hidden tang, folding knife, etc.

3. The knifemaker is free to choose the grind style (hallow, flat, convex, etc.) as well as grind height, blade finish, and embellishments (file work, engraving, etc.)

4. The knifemaker is free to choose the method of construction – stock removal, forged, tribal, CNC, etc.

5. The knifemaker is free to choose the handle materials and design.

6. The knife must include some type of sheath, display stand, pouch, or blade protector.

Everyone is encouraged to show Work-In-Progress pictures or videos of their process but not required. Remember, no one knows whose knife they will receive.

Once you receive the knife, be sure to inspect it and give positive critique to the maker.

Sometimes you will receive a knife better than the one you made and sometimes you will receive a knife that you feel is worse than the one you made. If you are not OK with potentially receiving a knife worse than yours then do not sign up to the KITH! REMEMBER this is for fun and education. Knives will not be sent back to the maker for repair or modification.

If you receive a knife from a Lone Star Maker that you feel is below the standards of Lone Star certification, first communicate that with the maker. If that fails, send an email with pictures to tkgkith@gmail.com to express your concerns.

Any Lone Star Knifemaker who makes a knife that fails to meet the Lone Star guidelines is subject to his/her Lone Star membership being revoked.