2019 Knife In The Hat (KITH) official info and rules:

1. Participation Rules:

  a. Only paid members of the TKG are allowed to participate. No minimum years experience required; however, there will be two pools of names to swap, one for Lone Star Knifemakers and one for General Members.

  b. If you would like to participate in this year’s KITH please follow these directions:

     i. Type “I’m in” as a comment to the official Facebook post

     ii. Send me, Jason Wilder, a Facebook Message or email with your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, and MAILING ADDRESS. My email address is wilderforge @ gmail.com

     iii. The participant must make, finish, and box the knife at least two weeks before the annual fall Hammer-In, which will likely be the first Saturday in November

     iv. I will compile a list of all participants, randomly mix them, and send each one the name and address of the person who will receive their knife. You will not know whose knife you will receive until it arrives in the mail.

  c.  Every KITH participant will make the knife of their choice.

2. Knife-In-The-Hat Design Requirements:

  a.  The knife can be any design of your choosing.  The only requirement is that it is the best knife you can make to date.

  b.  The knifemaker is free to choose the construction type: full tang, hidden tang, folding knife, etc.

  c.  The knifemaker is free to chose the steel type and thickness.

  d.  The knifemaker is free to choose the grind style (hallow, flat, convex, etc.) as well as grind height, blade finish, and embellishments (file work, engraving, etc.)

  e.  The knifemaker is free to choose the method of construction – stock removal, forged, tribal, CNC, etc.

  f.  The knifemaker is free to chose the handle materials and design.

  g.  The knife must include some type of sheath, display stand, pouch, or blade protector.

3.  Everyone is encouraged to show Work-In-Progress pictures or videos of their process but not required. Remember, no one knows whose knife they will receive, so this will wet everyone’s thirst.

4.   Once you receive the knife, be sure to inspect it and give positive critique to the maker.  Sometimes you will receive a knife better than the one you made and sometimes you will receive a knife that you feel is worse than the one you made.  If you are not OK with potentially receiving a knife worse than yours then do not sign up to the KITH!  REMEMBER this is for fun and education.